Mortgage calculator

Simple mortgage payment calculator

Mortage calculator widget

Now you can add mortgage calculator widget to your blog powered by wordpress.

Plugin can be downloaded from wordpress plugin repository or it can be installed directly from wordpress blog dashboard. Instructions provided bellow.

Plugin instalation from bloG dashboard


  1. In blog dashboard left hand menu click Plugins -> Add new:

    add new plugin

  2. Enter "cc mortgage" in search field and press Search Plugins button:

    search for new plugin

  3. CC Mortgage calculator should be first in the list. Press Install Now

    Install mortgage calculator

  4. Confirmation dialog box will pop up. Press Ok

    confirm plugin installation

  5. Find CC Mortgage Calculator in plugins list and activate it

    activating mortgage calulcator widget

Plugin is active and now you need make widget visible to your users.


Widget activation and customization


  1. Go to widgets screen in your dashboard

    wp plugins area

  2. Find CC Mortgage Calculator between available widgets

  3. Drag widget to the desired area

    Mortgage calculator widget

  4. Customize your widget
  • Enter custom title. By default it is Mortgage calculator.
  • Select currency symbol. Current choice is $, £, € or ¥. Please contact us if you need something else.
  • If you like this plugin please allow us to show links back to our website and spread the word about this plugin.

    Mortgage calculator widget setup

    As a bonus you will get option to choose colors matching your web site theme. Text, background and border colors can be selected. By default background is white and text with borders are black.

    Press Save and calculator should be shown on your site:

Lets us know if you have any suggestions, requirements or you will find any bugs. Here is our contact form.