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Mortgage rates in Canada

This is a list of closed term fixed rate mortgages currently available in Canada. This mortgage rate table is updated monthly and rates are subject to change without notice, so use rates in this table as informational only and check with bank about updated mortgage rates.

Our simple mortgage calculator will help you to check monthly interest payments with your chosen mortgage rage.

Banks are listed in alphabetic order

Bank NameClosed term fixed rate mortgages(%)
1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years6 years7 years8 years9 years10 years
Bank of Montreal3.143.043.854.646.196.356.75
Bank West5.094.845.145.595.79
Bridgewater Bank 4.805.25
Canadian Western Bank3.143.143.954.745.34
First Nations Bank of Canada2.992.692.993.393.493.794.094.49
ING Direct3.193.243.593.694.094.444.79
Laurentian Bank of Canada3.143.143.854.645.245.955.956.556.556.75
Manulife Bank of Canada*
MonCana Bank of Canada3.693.753.793.793.69
National Bank of Canada3.143.143.954.645.245.955.956.75
President's Choice Financial3.443.793.894.294.474.644.767.874.99
Royal Bank of Canada3.143.043.754.645.245.956.75
Scotia Bank3.753.893.994.394.995.996.29
TD Canada Trust3.093.043.754.645.245.966.156.75
* Interest is compounded semi-annually, not in advance.